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A person's life depends on the functions of his organs and systems, and they can function normally only with good blood circulation in the body as a whole. Hemodynamics is ensured by the work of the cardiovascular system and the volume of circulating blood. It is with this that the importance of the problem of bleeding and blood loss is determined by the frequency and prevalence of this pathology in all strata of the population; bleeding almost always accompanies such emergency situations as traffic accidents and accidents, and also complicates various diseases and is always present during surgical interventions. Untimely provision of assistance in case of bleeding threatens with life-threatening complications - a decrease in the volume of circulating blood, the development of hemodynamic disorders and hemorrhagic shock, and as a result, the death of the victim; a doctor of any specialty should be able to provide first aid to a bleeding patient.

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Barannik , S., Korpusenko , I., Trofimov , M., Chukhriyenko , A., & Shevtsov , V. (2023). PATHOPHYSIOLOGICAL CHANGES AND COMPENSATORY REACTIONS IN THE BODY OF THE VICTIM DUE TO MASSIVE BLEEDING AND BLOOD LOSS. Collection of Scientific Papers «SCIENTIA», (January 20, 2023; Amsterdam, Netherlands), 232–237. Retrieved from
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