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Editorial policy

The editorial board of SCIENTIA Collection of scientific papers journal carries out internal peer review of articles submitted for publication, conducting an assessment of compliance with the established requirements, checking for plagiarism and carrying out technical editing, if necessary. The editors of the publication do not make changes to the author's text without the consent of the author. The editorial board of the publication does not conduct a full scientific evaluation of the work with the involvement of external reviewers, so the author and scientific adviser (if any) is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the text.

The editorial policy of the journal envisages that:

▪ By submitting a scientific manuscript, the author hereby agrees for publishing the full text of the article in the Internet on the official journal website and the websites of scientific databases in which it is included.

▪ By submitting a scientific manuscript, the author confirms that it meets the requirements and ethics stated, as well as the fact that the manuscript is fully worked out, being verified and represents the final version of the article.

▪ Articles submitted for publications are accepted and being published in accordance with the timetable and schedule.

▪ The editorial board of the journal, in case of non-compliance of the article with the established requirements (including in case of detection the plagiarism or other deviations, which contradict the editorial policy and ethics of the publication), is entitled to send the article to the author for further elaboration, with obligatory indication of detailed instructions for making necessary corrections.

▪ The editorial board is authorized to make literary editing of scientific articles, correct misspellings and punctuation errors if it is necessary, but has no right to make scientific editing, reduce the article’s content or to carry out other actions without the consent of the author.

▪ If for any reason the author does not wish to publish a scientific manuscript that has already been submitted, he or she may to withdraw the manuscript and to cancel the publication before the end of the deadline for the current issue, regardless of the opinion of the journal editorial on this article; If the organizational fee for the publication has already been paid, the full amount will be returned to the author within 48 hours upon cancellation of the publication.


Edited on 05.06.2022